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Title Insurance Paper

Title Insurance

Mortgage lenders require their customers to get title insurance. The companies also require you pay for a title search, which is an extensive search through legal documents to prove the person selling you the property has legal claim to do it. So why have title insurance when you have had a title search done...

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Make an Offer on a House

Making an Offer

Whether you are buying or selling a home, consider the sale of a home as a transaction beneficial to both parties and not as horse barter. It is true that an asking price is exactly that: An asking price. Very often buyers and sellers become emotional, feel slighted or even offended if neither party makes...

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Home Inspection

Home Inspection

Home inspections provide a definite value by giving a level of objectivity in evaluating a home. When a homeowner determines the value or condition of a home, it is very difficult to separate the emotional aspects of the home from the objective inventory of features and condition. It is part of our nature to...

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Home Appraisal Graphic

What is an Appraisal

An appraisal is a written document by a Licensed Appraiser hired by your Lender you put a mortgage on a home. The Appraiser’s responsibility is to make sure the home is worth what you are paying for it and the Lender is loaning on it. It might surprise you to know that your down payments may also be taken into...

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from our friends at D Magazine, The Dallas Business Journal, & other Publications.

  • The Texas Economy Logo

    Professor: Invest in housing market

    John Baen, Ph.D., a University of North Texas College of Business professor, gives his economic forecast for 2016 during a Denton Chamber of Commerce meeting. The lively professor was the featured speaker, and this year he emphasized the importance of investing in a hot North Texas housing market with rapidly increasing values.

    During his speech, he predicted [many] Texas homes will double in value in five years.

  • The Texas Economy Logo

    Six Signs the Texas Economy is Strong and Getting Stronger

    1.Texas jobs came back; the national economy’s – not yet. By the end of 2011, Texas had replaced every job lost in the recent recession, while the U.S. as a whole has only replaced 44 percent of pre-recession jobs.

    2.Texas homes are selling. Sales of existing single-family homes have increased 12 percent since last year.

    3.State revenues are getting oilier and gassier. Yeah, that’s right, we said oilier and gassier. In the first ten months of this fiscal year, tax collections from oil and natural gas production have increased nearly 50 percent.

  • Graphic of School with Children

    Where to Buy For the Best Schools

    People move all the time in search of better schools for their kids. But where exactly should they move? We first identified the top neighborhood high schools—we didn’t include magnet schools or Highland Park—then ferreted out the best schools feeding into them. Using the TEA’s most recent Texas Academic Performance Reports (TAPR), our analysis of high schools equally weighs STAAR “satisfactory standard or above” results for all grades and subjects, four-year graduation rates, college-ready standards for math and English/language arts, percent of students who took AP/IB tests, and average SAT scores...

  • Best Dentists in Dallas Graphic

    The Best Dentists in Dallas 2015

    The top professionals to take care of your chompers. D Magazine’s confidential poll was sent to 2,027 local dentists, asking them to recommend their peers in each specialty. We made the ballot available online at Only dentists with a valid dental license were eligible. An esteemed panel of dentists, representing a range of specialties, reviewed the nominees. Once the list was finalized, we investigated disciplinary status and vetted each winner’s dental license. We then turned the list over to our sales team. They cannot add to or subtract from the list, but they can sell ads to the winners. A special advertising section containing the winners who purchased ads is displayed elsewhere in the magazine.

  • Traps Illustration Graphic

    How to Avoid Decision Traps

    Every day we’re confronted with numerous choices, ranging from the mundane to the complex and consequential. Terrible business moves, such as the AOL/Time Warner merger that destroyed billions of dollars in shareholder value, illustrate the negative consequences of poor decision processes. At the same time, there are companies that seem to make excellent decisions that continuously delight their customers and employees and create value for shareholders. So, what can leaders do to increase the likelihood of making good decisions and minimize the probability of making bad ones?

  • Image of home

    Home Prices, Sales Set New Records

    Home prices in North Texas were up 14 percent in May – one of the largest year-over-year gains ever for the area. And, the median home sales price for a pre-owned North Texas homes hit a record $215,000 last month.

  • Image of nurse holding a patient's hand

    DFW Ranked Best Metro Area for Hiring

    See which careers are in demand (and those that aren't) as Dallas-Fort Worth ranks as the nation's hottest area for hiring.

  • Image of Report Graph

    Which Statement is True?

    DFW is the fastest-growing major metro area in adding high net-worth individuals. DFW is the fastest-growing major metro area in adding high net-worth accumulation. Answer: BOTH.

  • The Texas Economy Logo

    Texas Economic Outlook

    Job growth, sales tax collections and building permits all signal that the Texas economy continues to outpace the national economy. Over the past year, Texas added jobs in all of the 11 major industries, including professional and business services, trade, transportation and utilities, leisure and hospitality, education and health services, construction, mining and logging, government, financial activities, information, other services, and manufacturing.

  • Image of open show room door

    The Latest Custom Home Trends

    It’s time. The quirks that once drew you to your 1930s bungalow are now filling you with hatred on a daily basis. The floor plan that was once “charming” is now suffocating. Let’s not even talk about your energy bills. You’re ready to take your house down to the studs and bring it into the 21st century or just cut your losses and start from scratch. Either way, you should begin your journey with a little information. We surveyed the 2015 Best Builders in Dallas to find out what’s happening in the world of custom home construction.

  • Image of open show room door

    The Scoop on Local Stores and Showrooms

    After a two-and-a-half-year search and an eight-month renovation, the long-awaited Arteriors showroom is now open in the Design District. The 5,000-square-foot space, once home to John Gregory Studios, was given a complete overhaul. The Arteriors team added a rooftop deck and raised the ceilings to 13 feet to properly display their collection of chandeliers and pendants. In addition to hanging fixtures, the store is packed with the contemporary floor lamps, table lamps, and wall sconces the Dallas-based company is known for. A dedicated shade section (and on-hand shading expert) allows customers to upgrade existing lamps with toppers in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials.

  • Image of beautiful indoor home space showing great use of raw materials

    Trending in Home Design: Raw Materials

    Until recently, exposed materials were used in a very specific space—namely, industrial or loft style homes. But today, all sorts of homes are incorporating exposed brick, beams, and other materials. “Exposed materials add an incredibly rich dimension to homes of any style,” says Mark Molthan. This change reflects a growing appreciation for the relationship between form and function. By uncovering the brass tacks, homeowners have shown a renewed appreciation for how things are made.

  • Image of indoor staged home

    Top Tips for Staging Your Home This Spring

    Thinking of putting your home on the market this spring? Now’s the time to do it! Just in case you missed it, the Dallas-Fort Worth area is a seller’s market and one of the hottest in the U.S. right now. The buyers are ready and waiting, but if you do plan on going for it, it’s important to make sure you’re home is in tip-top shape. We reached out to our friend Cliff Ellman of Spiffi Decor for some tips on getting your home all dolled up for potential suitors.

  • Image of stunning front view of home

    Real Estate Report: What $1 Million Buys You in Dallas

    With hardwood flooring throughout and four spacious bedrooms upstairs, this lovely Federal-style home in Oak Lawn will make you feel right at home. The location offers easy access to the Tollway and exceptional restaurants for fine and family dining.

  • Best of 2014 Suburbs Graphic

    Dallas - Best Suburbs Ranked

    Dallas is on the rise, but the suburbs remain the kingmakers of North Texas. And why shouldn’t they be? Crime is lower in most of the suburbs than it was in 2012, the last time we did this ranking, and home values are up. In fact, only one suburb—Hickory Creek—saw a home value depreciation. It was, coincidentally, the suburb with the highest appreciation in 2012.

  • Pantone Living: Spring Fashion Colors in Home Design

    Pantone is widely regarded as the ultimate authority on color. The company always generates buzz with its choice of Color of The Year, which for 2015 was a striking shade of Marsala.

  • Image of Dallas Night Sky

    Market on Fire

    Everywhere you look across North Texas, construction cranes are flying high. With a burst of corporate relocations and expansions and brisk population growth, demand is particularly strong for new office, industrial, and multifamily space.

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